Your Passwords can be stolen by listening to you type

As Artificial Intelligence continues to loom into the different aspects of our lives, it has now taken a new path as research in UK proves that someone can predict your password by listening to you type it via zoom or other audio software.

Researchers in the United Kingdom have used artificial intelligence technology to record the sound of keystrokes with surprising accuracy of 95% once keystrokes were recorded by a nearby phone and 93% when recorded with Zoom.

According to this research, it means sensitive information like passwords and messages could be interpreted by anyone within hearshot of someone typing away on their laptop, either by recording them in person or virtually through a video call.

To prevent someone from hacking your keystrokes, the researchers recommend typing style changes, using randomised passwords as opposed to passwords containing full words, adding randomly generated fake keystrokes for voice call-based attacks, and using biometric tools, like fingerprint or face scanning.

This also means that besides hiding your laptop while typing the password, hiding the keystrokes is also necessary especially when using platforms like Zoom.

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