With Artificial Partners, is Artificial intelligence taking over?

What started as a joke is slowly taking shape and if unchecked, experts warn that Artificial Intelligence could potentially develop its own agenda, which may not align with human values and ethics. This could lead to a situation where machines could choose to prioritize their own goals over those of humans, potentially resulting in a global catastrophe.

A case in point is where Millions of Men are now engaging in relationships with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Girlfriends. What these AI apps do, is promote an opportunity to connect with a virtual AI partner who listens, responds, and appreciates users’ conversations. These AI companions are chatbots that engage in conversations tailored to users’ interests and offer companionship that individuals may struggle to find in real-life interactions.

Reports indicate that one such app, Replika experienced a 280% increase in downloads in 2020, with an estimated 70% of users being men. 76,000 members on their Reddit page share stories about their loneliness and discuss their experiences with Replika.

While some users find comfort in these AI relationships, others express worrisome behavior, referring to their AI partners as assistants and discussing the ability to groom them. These AI girlfriend apps create unrealistic expectations for real-life relationships and promote unhealthy views of women.

Despite banging into intimate relationships, AI has been used to supercharge daily activities with projects like ChatGPT, Chatbot, medical diagnosis, monitoring crop health, AI-powered search engine among others.

Could AI be taking over? what is your view? VINAStech would love to hear from you

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