Extract Text From Images and PDFs with ease

Often times we have been faced with the need to extract text from images and PDFs for our work. Even when possible, the available methods require payment of some money to have the .docx file type. This often leaves us with nothing but manually copying text from images and PDFs.

With Google Drive, it is made possible and at an utterly FREE cost. In this article, we discuss how possible it is.

Fast forward is what you ought to ensure in order to get the best results while extracting text:

  1. The size of the image or PDF should ideally be 2 MB or smaller.
  2. The resolution of the text to be extracted should be at least 10 pixels high. This is approximately equivalent to a 7.5-point font size.
  3. Make sure the documents are right-side up. Otherwise, rotate it to bring the right side up before uploading it to Google Drive.
  4. The results are better with common web-friendly fonts, like Arial or Times New Roman.
  5. Better image quality will ensure sharper text. So, use sharp images with even lighting and clear contrasts.

With the 5 points above considered, here is how to extract text from a picture or PDF.

  1. Find the file quickly by selecting the Recent tab in the left-side menu. Finally, right-click the file, choose Open with, and then Google Docs.
Selecting a file in Google Drive
  1. An image will open in Google Docs with the picture on top and the text below it. This text will be editable, so you can easily copy and paste it into a Word doc, Notepad, PowerPoint, or the app that you are using. If it’s a PDF file like a book, all the text would appear page by page, which you can copy.
Copying text in Google Docs

Remember, the text in the Google Doc may not have proper formatting or alignment. But then, what you need is the text, which you can easily copy and use.

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