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Quiz on the Uganda Martyrs

As we prepare for the Mbarara Ecclesiastical Province Association (MEPA) Pilgrimage to Namugongo, here is a quiz to test your knowledge about the Uganda Martyrs.

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What is the number of the Canonised Uganda Martyrs?

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Who was the first leader of the small Christian community at the same time the chief steward of Mwanga’s court?

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Who succeeded Joseph Mukasa as a guide to the young converts?

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Why is Uganda Martyrs day celebrated on 3rd June when the executions lasted over two years?

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When were the Uganda Martyrs canonized?

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The martyrdom on 3rd June coincided with a solemnity in the Catholic Church. Which one was it?

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Which of the martyrs were Banyoro?

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Who was the last martyr to be killed?

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Which Diocese last led the MEPA pilgrimage to Namugongo?

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On which day is the next MEPA Pilgrimage to Namugongo?

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